The GimmeRide app allows for the clients to order taxi cabs, and for the drivers – get their orders.
  • AJAX
  • Android SDK
  • Apple Push Notifications
  • CodeIgniter
  • CSS3
  • Google Cloud Messaging
  • HTML5
  • iOS SDK
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Metronic
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Twitter Bootstrap

About Application

GimmeRide is an application designed for those customers who look for a ride, taxi drivers or, in other words, a simple way to get to work without any third parties.


IOS Developer


Android Developer


PHP Developer


Graphic Designer


QA Engineer


Project Manager

This app has 2 modes: driver and passenger. Switching between them takes only one click of a button.

If you are a passenger, mark the location where you need to be picked up and you will get the info about the vehicle whose driver responded to your inquiry. You will also be able to get in touch with your driver or cancel your order.

In case you are a driver – accept orders, review info about them and respond to inquiries, get in touch with a client and answer to the changes within the order.

Project Benefits

The GimmeRide application is clear and easy-to-use, provides live data about orders, it’s useful for both taxi passengers and drivers and it allows switching between the modes by a click of a button.


Clean UI/UX

Passenger Mode

Driver Mode

I have a fresh idea, but I need some help with realization!

Key Features

GimmeRide app simplifies the process of ordering a car and connection between the passenger and the driver.

  • PickMeUp Location

    Letting the driver know where to pick you up is easy! Just mark your location on the map. And if you know the address of the place, you can start entering it. Then select your location from the proposed options.
  • No Cancellation Fee

    With GimmeRide there’s a possibility for an order to be canceled at any moment of time. Both a passenger and a driver can do it without paying a commission before the order goes through. All you have to do is call and cancel your order.
  • Passenger Notifications

    For on-the-spot informing about the changes of an order status passengers get push-notifications describing the details about order updates. If any activities should be done to the order when the notification is received, it can be performed with one click.
  • Ability To Pay In Cash

    Once a trip is over a passenger pays for the trip in cash. This allows a driver to get the money for a completed order at once, without additional commissions from a taxi service or for cash withdrawal.

Project Customization

The GimmeRide app can be fully set up according to the customer’s desires with all the necessary functionality added to it, or having changed the existing ones.

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