The Navigator_In app quickly finds the information about the locations that are close to the users.
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Java
  • Google Places API
  • JSON

About Application

The Navigator_In application allows to quickly and easily find nearby objects according to user preferences, group them together and see the distance to them.


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The application is designed for a quick information display about all the nearby places. It groups them by categories with the intuitive navigation and in accordance to the user preferences. The application user is not distracted with any kind of advertising. When viewing the list of objects an approximate distance to them can be seen.

Project Benefits

The Navigator_In app is fast, easy-to-use, very adjustable and focused solely on how to help the user to learn their route and contact with the locations of their interest.

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Key Features

The app searches and displays locations by groups, allows searching specific places, calling up navigation program or reaching the marked contacts right from the location details.

  • Groups of the locations

    There is no need to search for locations in the general list. At the end of the location-search procedure all the results will be grouped by general features and put into according sections presented as a list of images.
  • No advertising in the app

    This application does not contain advertising banners or any other ads, as well as freemium functions. You can concentrate on searching interesting locations using all the functions of the app free of charge without distracting to the ads.
  • Contacts and navigation

    With Navigator_In app there is a possibility to call the contacts from the details of the location, enter the website specified in the details, view the location on the map or activate navigation to it.
  • Approximate Destination

    The application has a function of calculation and displaying the distance from a user to a particular place. This will help the user to estimate how much time it will take them to get there.

Project Customization

The app allows specifying the radius search settings of the locations on the map by default as well as sorting and displaying settings of the results obtained.

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