Tic Tac Toe

The TicTacToe is an entertainment kind of application. It’s a mobile version of a Tic-tac-toe paper game.
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Java
  • C++
  • NDK
  • Objective C
  • XML

About Application

The TicTacToe is a mobile version of a well-known game with the possibility of adjusting difficulty and monitoring your progress.


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Game was build for both Android and iOS platforms and was adapted for mobile phones and tablets, supporting landscape and portrait orientation. In order to make the app more exciting and challenging a few levels of complexity have been created for the user to select from and monitor their progress. A board of scores will show when it is time to move on to the next level. Game artificial intelligence was coded in C++ and compiled as pluggable NDK module (one module for both platforms).

Project Benefits

The project is designed with the use of the latest technologies, which enables realization of all the user requests. The algorithms used in the app allows for choosing various levels of complexity.

Three Levels


Easy Navigation

Special Design

I have a fresh idea, but I need some help with realization!

Key Features

The TicTacToe application is adapted both for mobile phones and tablets. It has a few complexity levels, among which the user can select the ones that fits specifically for them.

  • Complexity level choosing

    A player independently defines the complexity level of their rival. In total there are three levels – Easy, Medium and Hard. With the help of this function anyone can play the TicTacToe – children and adults.
  • Rounds number selection

    In application settings user can determine how many rounds to play in the first game. It’s up to the player whether to choose to play 10 rounds, or an unlimited number of rounds as they begin the game.
  • Easy navigation

    A user will find all the necessary information on the TicTacToe application. The application has an interesting design and multiple displays of the competitor.
  • The app works offline

    The TicTacToe application doesn’t require Internet connection, that is why the users can easily play the TicTacToe offline basically anywhere without concerning about getting connected to the Internet.

Project Customization

The structure of the TicTacToe application allows adapting it for any customer needs. This application will be an excellent addition for existing app.





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